Give Us A Look Next Wave Festival 2012

Give Us A Look

A performance work presented by Monte Masi, Give us a Look explores the projects of the 2012 Next Wave Festival as an artwork in its own right. Monte will be everywhere he can during the festival, working to promote and contextualise the work of others, enthusiastically joining the dots and constructing constellations as the festival progresses. As host, highlighter, documenter and supporter all rolled into one, Give us a Look idiosyncratically appropriates curatorial and promotional practices to provide added contextual energy to the practices and projects on show as part of the festival.



Fresh Produce Next Wave Festival 2012

Fresh Produce

Fresh Produce is the closing event of the 2012 Next Wave Festival and a celebratory survey of contemporary experimental practice incorporating live art, installation, dance, video, music and performance. The first event of its kind to be staged at the iconic Queen Victoria Markets, Fresh Produce is an all-out ‘art party’ driven by one of the Festival’s central provocations: what makes people gather? And what better way for people to gather than around food?

Food For Thought Next Wave Festival 2012

Food for Thought

Food for Thought embraces the notion that a revolution can start at the dinner table. Drawing inspiration from Judy Chicago’s seminal artwork ‘The Dinner Party’, LEVEL Artist Run Initiative will host a series of dinner party events in order to create vibrant discussions concerning the role of women and feminism in the twenty-first century.

Drums Between The Bells Next Wave Festival 2012

Drums Between The Bells

 Drums Between the Bells is a participatory installation by New Zealand Tiffany Singh. The installation of ribbons & bells on the Elm Tree in City Square became available for audience participation on Saturday 19 May. We now encourage those who joined Tiffany at the Elm tree on Saturday evening to share in the next evolution of the artwork. The exchange between Tiffany and those who were there was to take the string of bells from the tree on a journey to their own sacred place – then share with Tiffany and others where that place is and what it means to you. This artwork is about participation, connection and sharing, with the intention of creating an awareness of what ‘sacred’ means to different people. So show us, Melbourne: where are those bells now? Where are those spaces of this city… and possibly beyond? The next part of this art work is in the hands and hearts of those who are now engaging with these objects and ideas. Please send documentation of your bell to and follow the journey of the bells here.

Due to unforeseen circumstances this installation is no longer displayed at City Square.

Commonwealth Next Wave Festival 2012


Walk the streets of Melbourne and Brisbane and be astonished as you’re surrounded by large-scale images moving around and meeting in city areas. Brisbane-based artist-run initiative inbetweenspaces has collaborated with people from disaster-affected communities in Queensland and Victoria to discuss, arrange and photograph their most personal objects.  Moving simultaneously throughout Melbourne and Brisbane, Commonwealth presents large-scale texts of these discussions and photographs of intricately arranged personal items. This movement across the two cities explores the communal impact of the loss and relocation of objects, people and communities.

The Warmth Of The Curve Next Wave Festival 2012

The Warmth of the Curve

The Warmth of the Curve is a series of new  performance, video and installation works exploring the ritual of circumambulation across various religions and cultural traditions. Circumambulation is the ritual walking around a sacred object, drawing the form of a circle in space. The Warmth of the Curve proposes the possibility of inhabiting ritual in a secular context. By exploring ideas that are generally overlooked in the world of the everyday and secular society, this project opens a space for ideas such as residual belief and the loss of the mystical.

Wake Up and Wait for the Sun to Rise Next Wave Festival 2012

Wake up and wait for the sun to rise…

500 methods for a new beginning

We’ve brought together 100 of Australia’s brightest young thinkers from all across the country to generate a brilliant mass of 500 methods, each imagining possibilities for a new beginning.

Now the methods are in the hands of 5 young and emerging artist collectives who will develop work that encourages us to imagine new possibilities for being together in the lead up to the Festival. The fruits of their labour will reside at our home base, Westspace. It’s an artist-led experiment so the outcomes are unknown but it’s fair to imagine parties, performances, dinners,  games, television broadcasts and much more!