Physical Fractals Next Wave Festival 2012


Hypnotic movement, whirring microphones, intimate encounters.

PHYSICAL FRACTALS is a sensory experience for the quiet daydreamer in all of us. Two performers weave between an audience enclosed by sights and sounds, toying with anticipation and comfort. Movement becomes more fluid, sound thickens. Enter the space, allow the rhythm of the choreography to lull and shake you. Witness the subtle shifts and illusions of each movement as you are absorbed in the passing of time.

PHYSICAL FRACTALS invites you to be present. Sit and let us move you.

Supertone Next Wave Festival 2012


SUPERTONE is a performance of re-sensitisation, choreographed by Rennie McDougall. Working from a visually rich cornucopia of celluloid images, from The Wizard of Oz to David LaChapelle, five dancers reclaim the performance space by manifesting these technicolor imagined environments in the physical space, while all other visual stimulants are stripped away. The audience, usually on the periphery of experience, is left only with the performers to share in an energetic exchange – to reawaken a more visceral presence and to question their roles as observers.