The Exchange Next Wave Festival 2012

The Exchange Program 2

Grave (Dewey Dell)

Grave is an Italian word indicating something that has a weight, that is subject to the force of gravity. The movement of this short performance is about the sensation of a precipitating body, the slowness of its gestures, while gravity makes it crash to the ground, at a stratospheric speed.

The River Eats (Justin Shoulder)

Welcome to the Land of One Thousand Distractions. Here, all the comforts of the modern world materialize in 3D as you click ‘next’. Navigating this contemporary terrain is the creature Pinky – an over-caffeinated, hyperactive, attention-deficient demon. Within the synthetic web, Pinky is lost.

The River Eats is a contemporary fable exploring distraction in the digital age and our changing relationship to the natural environment.

The Greater Asia Co-prosperity Sphere Next Wave Festival 2012

The Greater Asia Co-Prosperity Sphere

The Greater Asia Co-Prosperity Sphere is a collaboration between Perth-based artists Abdul Abdullah, Casey Ayres and Nathan Beard. Capitalising on their Asian-Australian heritages, the artists have created an embassy for a fictional pan-Asian empire, located in Federation Square. This Oriental embassy is the setting for a cultural program of live events, where various Eastern and Western influences are brought together and confused. As ambassadors for this faux-embassy, the artists investigate how multiculturalism operates in contemporary Australian society with humour, and personal reflections on how the work mirrors their own hybrid cultural experiences as Asian-Australians.

Fresh Produce Next Wave Festival 2012

Fresh Produce

Fresh Produce is the closing event of the 2012 Next Wave Festival and a celebratory survey of contemporary experimental practice incorporating live art, installation, dance, video, music and performance. The first event of its kind to be staged at the iconic Queen Victoria Markets, Fresh Produce is an all-out ‘art party’ driven by one of the Festival’s central provocations: what makes people gather? And what better way for people to gather than around food?

Food For Thought Next Wave Festival 2012

Food for Thought

Food for Thought embraces the notion that a revolution can start at the dinner table. Drawing inspiration from Judy Chicago’s seminal artwork ‘The Dinner Party’, LEVEL Artist Run Initiative will host a series of dinner party events in order to create vibrant discussions concerning the role of women and feminism in the twenty-first century.

Wake Up and Wait for the Sun to Rise Next Wave Festival 2012

Wake up and wait for the sun to rise…

500 methods for a new beginning

We’ve brought together 100 of Australia’s brightest young thinkers from all across the country to generate a brilliant mass of 500 methods, each imagining possibilities for a new beginning.

Now the methods are in the hands of 5 young and emerging artist collectives who will develop work that encourages us to imagine new possibilities for being together in the lead up to the Festival. The fruits of their labour will reside at our home base, Westspace. It’s an artist-led experiment so the outcomes are unknown but it’s fair to imagine parties, performances, dinners,  games, television broadcasts and much more!