Hull: Rescore Next Wave Festival 2012

Hull: Rescore

Rescore is a night of short films by the next wave of the avant garde, rescored by local musicians and performed live.

Presented by Danae Valenza and Speakeasy Cinema as part of the Hull exhibition at the Mission to Seafarers, the night features new music by Brite Fight, Bum Creek, Footy, HAGUS (Haima/Gus), Marcus Rechsteiner (UV Race) and Seth Rees (The Spheres) set to films by Ben Russell (USA/FR), Josef Dabernig (AUT), Harald Hund and Paul Horn (AUT), Marie Losier (FR/USA), Michael Robinson (USA) and Semiconductor (UK).

Hull Next Wave Festival 2012


Visual artists Laura Delaney and Danae Valenza have collaborated with the Mission to Seafarers to create a site-specific installation within the historic building. Audiences are invited inside to share a space where merchant seafarers spend their days between voyages. Mission to Seafarers provides a temporary home to a community of 60,000 seafarers who dock in Melbourne’s ports each year.  A constant turnover of ships, crew and stories has been translated into a body of visual and sound-based works, located throughout the building. Hull explores our connection to ports, patterns of migration and trade by turning to those who experience the realities of life at sea, tracing uncharted aspects of Melbourne’s maritime history and reconsidering the contemporary significance of seafaring communities.

Hull launches on Sunday 20 May 2-6pm, rum for all seafarers and land-dwellers in the Mission to Seafarers dome (All other drinks can be purchased at the bar to help support the not-for-profit Mission to Seafarers).

Hull includes the free exhibition at Mission to Seafarers and a ticketed film and music event, RESCORE. Speakeasy Cinema and Danae Valenza will present a reimagining of silent cinema, inviting local musicians to rescore the experimental visions of seminal filmmakers.