Impossible Plays Next Wave Festival 2012

Impossible Plays

What if our dreams really did come true?

Impossible Plays is a performance based on the fantasies of four strangers.

Megan is a quietly spoken vet in Alice Springs.

Andy is a poet whose writing treads an uncanny line between fantasy and reality.

Douggie is a watercolour artist living in the same town as Megan.

Mushi is a tarot card reader who navigates the realms of possibility in search of a sanctuary.

Based on documentary interviews, Impossible Plays brings the fantasies of these four disparate people to life. From the apocalyptic to the everyday, Impossible Plays is an other worldly performance of our intimate ideals. It takes us through the looking glass of our private imaginations, into a world where we wonder who we are, and why we would ever need to go back home.