Goodbye, CSIRAC

Goodbye, CSIRAC invites you to experience a retro sci-fi audio tour, leading you into the guts of the Melbourne Museum to uncover the true story of CSIRAC, “Australia’s first computer”. But watch out! As lights blink and paper tape whirrs, the forgotten history of female computer operators just might summon the mysterious Ghost of Computers Past…

A love letter to 1960s computing and sci-fi, Goodbye, CSIRAC commemorates the things – and people – we forget when technologies become obsolete.

Hull Next Wave Festival 2012


Visual artists Laura Delaney and Danae Valenza have collaborated with the Mission to Seafarers to create a site-specific installation within the historic building. Audiences are invited inside to share a space where merchant seafarers spend their days between voyages. Mission to Seafarers provides a temporary home to a community of 60,000 seafarers who dock in Melbourne’s ports each year.  A constant turnover of ships, crew and stories has been translated into a body of visual and sound-based works, located throughout the building. Hull explores our connection to ports, patterns of migration and trade by turning to those who experience the realities of life at sea, tracing uncharted aspects of Melbourne’s maritime history and reconsidering the contemporary significance of seafaring communities.

Hull launches on Sunday 20 May 2-6pm, rum for all seafarers and land-dwellers in the Mission to Seafarers dome (All other drinks can be purchased at the bar to help support the not-for-profit Mission to Seafarers).

Hull includes the free exhibition at Mission to Seafarers and a ticketed film and music event, RESCORE. Speakeasy Cinema and Danae Valenza will present a reimagining of silent cinema, inviting local musicians to rescore the experimental visions of seminal filmmakers.

Living With Living Next Wave Festival 2012

Living with Living

Living with Living is an exhibition of works made from the perspective of a dairy farmer that, at an earlier unidentified point in his life, got “social” culture confused with “yoghurt” cultures (the bacteria that ferments lactose, creating lactic acid that transforms milk protein to give yoghurt its texture and tang), subsequently becoming a dairy farmer geared towards the production of Greek Yoghurt, rather than his original plan: to become a disciple of Greek Philosophy and poetry of the Roman Empire.

The exhibition is the final installment in a trilogy of case studies that examine individuals seeking clandestine autonomy.

New Babylon Next Wave Festival 2012

New Babylon

New Babylon is a project that challenges the way we interact with, and move through, our urban environments. Culminating in performance, installation and sound works being located throughout the Melbourne CBD, these works reinvigorate public spaces by interrupting their current uses, and by engaging with problematic or ignored locations.

Showcasing fresh work by seven innovative young artists, the project asks: what is the role of the artist in imagining the future of the city of Melbourne? How can we reshape and re-imagine public space? How can we meaningfully reclaim the city space as our own?

Shamanic Organic Contemporary Cuisine Next Wave Festival 2012

Shamanic Organic Contemporary Cuisine

Do you ever feel anxious, confused or disoriented?

Do you have trouble differentiating the Organic from the Synthetic?

Do you ever feel hungry?

Not just a “I haven’t eaten a thing all day except a muffin” kind of hunger but a deeper, ancient, burning cavity within yourself which yearns for something stranger, something more indefinable than what all 27 aisles of the local supermarket have failed to provide you with. Well, take heart dear friends for in these uncertain modern times SHAMANIC ORGANIC CONTEMPORARY CUISINE is here to provide you with the answers for which you seek by supplying unique recipes specially designed to fill that hole… for LIFE!

Shelters Next Wave Festival 2012


Joseph L. Griffiths’  unexpected installations Shelters bind creativity and survival, against the backdrop of a failed metropolis in Melbourne’s Docklands. Handmade entirely from natural and recycled materials collected on-site, these improvised dwellings, rafts and lookouts reclaim under-utilised spaces and drift between the wharves. Building on the precinct’s multiple histories and folklore, these part-sculpture, part-living structures explore the unexpected potential for beauty in this notorious landmark of Australia’s cultural cringe and propose new artistic approaches to our everyday lives.

The Greater Asia Co-prosperity Sphere Next Wave Festival 2012

The Greater Asia Co-Prosperity Sphere

The Greater Asia Co-Prosperity Sphere is a collaboration between Perth-based artists Abdul Abdullah, Casey Ayres and Nathan Beard. Capitalising on their Asian-Australian heritages, the artists have created an embassy for a fictional pan-Asian empire, located in Federation Square. This Oriental embassy is the setting for a cultural program of live events, where various Eastern and Western influences are brought together and confused. As ambassadors for this faux-embassy, the artists investigate how multiculturalism operates in contemporary Australian society with humour, and personal reflections on how the work mirrors their own hybrid cultural experiences as Asian-Australians.