WAKE UP: At The Request of Carl Sagan

Applespiel believe that Next Wave should commit itself to achieving the goal, before the festival is out, of sending someone to the stars and returning them safely to the earth. No single space project in this festival will be more impressive to mankind, or more important for the long-range exploration of space-based theatre, and none will be so difficult or expensive to accomplish.

Take a journey into the known and unknown.


WAKE UP: Th¿nk³

Are you thinking? Have you ever really thought? We think. At Th¿nk³ we have reinvented thought for the 21st century human. Come join master thinkers Charlie and Tully as they think about thought. At Th¿nk³ we have your think efficiency covered. Th¿nk³ is a space for you to think and a service for you to materialize your thoughts. Inventions while-u-wait

At Th¿nk³ we think… cubed


WAKE UP: The School of Global Art: Down Under!

The School of Global Art extends its global outreach to sign up new class of international students, setting up our first Global Outreach campus in Melbourne, Australia.

Expanding this year’s topics to include close reading of teenage Tumblr Asks, discussion of the discussion of the ‘Arab Spring’ and history of painting up to CS5. This term also includes practical modules in Meditation for Artistic Inspiration and Art by Telephone/Google+ Hangouts. SGA:DU brings together artists, writers and academics from London, Berlin, LA, Tehran and Hong Kong with local Melbournite experts for a nine-day intensive programme.

How does the world look upside down? Join us to find out!


WAKE UP: Way Out


Over the course of eight succinct dance parties, Way Out examines contemporary modes of divine experience. Is the epiphanic ecstasy of dancing all night lesser than attending a church service at 9am on a Sunday morning? Can we achieve the same level of catharsis through mindlessly partying as we can emotionally purging to a ‘higher power’? Is the DJ the new deity?

Let your hair down, cry your eyes out, sweat your prayers and get down to get up in the wildest open-air nightclub ever to be conducted indoors!!

DJ Program

Saturday 19 May
DJ Try Again
Theme: New Beginnings

Sunday 20 May
DJ Love Fool
Theme: Romance/Lust

Monday 21 May
DJ No Way Back
Theme: House/Clubbin’

Tuesday 22 May
Theme: Emotional purge

Wednesday 23 May
DJ Dads with Earrings
Theme: OZ Culture

Thursday 24 May
DJ Death and the Maiden
Theme: Death/Rebirth

Friday 25 May
DJ Outta Here
Theme: Leaving/Holiday

Saturday 26 May
DJ Whoomp! dere it is!
Theme: Various


WAKE UP: Becoming Carol Brown

In Spring of 2009, Carol Brown witnessed a puzzling change within herself. The partitions of her mind fell away and she could no longer tell where she ended and the next person began. She felt connected beyond the internet’s wildest dreams and a carpet of imaginary solutions rolled out beneath her.

In Autumn of 2012, Tape Projects upholsters Carol’s mental furniture into a nine part mini-series. Step on set and cast yourself into the oblique melodrama that is the party within.

Join in on set with episodes going live from 6-10pm each evening of the festival and reruns daily from 12 -4pm.

Episode 1: Aniticipating Anticipation
Episode 2: Receiving Transmissions
Episode 3: Carol Tears It Up
Episode 4: Carol Re-bakes Old Ideas
Episode 5: The Party Within The Party Within
Episode 6: Carol Gets Some Perspective
Episode 7: A Christmas Carol
Episode 8: Cliff-hangover

BINGO Unit Next Wave Festival 2012


Team MESS love two things – everyone and television.

For their new major work they combine the two by shooting a pilot for a new television crime drama, and everyone can play a part! The public is invited to participate in playing the role of the detectives in the show and get to the bottom of solving the crime.

BINGO Unit toys with the formulaic limits of narrative, where the story-telling is more important than the story. Filmed at sites across Melbourne during the festival, BINGO Unit will be screened as a back-lot tour at ‘Team MESS Studios’ at Arts House Meat Market.

Breakfast Club Next Wave Festival 2012

Breakfast Club

We’re interested in how the world and art collide. We think it’s most interesting when art is seen in context. In a time of intense political confusion, where it’s difficult to articulate the changes so many want to see, artistic practice – with its complex arsenal of the subconscious – is well placed to be a key player.

Our format is unique. We’re not interested in expert-led formats; we want big opinions, good discussion and personal stories. And coffee. That’s important.

Each event runs for two hours, and will be punctuated by a series of provocations from artists, key thinkers and our international curators-in-residence.

Arrive at any point. Pull up a chair and a croissant. And dive on in.

For more information, click on the links under ‘About the artist’.