Opening Night House Party Next Wave Festival 2012

Opening Night House Party

Next Wave Festival 2012 won’t be opened with polite ribbon-cutting and lukewarm sem-sauv. Instead, artists and punters are invited to THE SUPER-DEF, THROW-DOWN JIZZAM OF THE YEAR, filling every nook and cranny of Footscray Community Arts Centre with house party charm.

Packed out with performances, installations and party games. Get there early for this and more…

Karaoke with the Greater Asia Co-Prosperity Sphere Ambassadors


MONSTER BODY sneak peek

Rockin out with Yeo Choong (Wheyface) and gooving to DJ sets

Creo Nova sound and light spectacle

Food Trucks, Pop-up bars, marshmallow toasting by the fire and more

Check out our Opening Night Party microsite and get your groove on

Physical Fractals Next Wave Festival 2012


Hypnotic movement, whirring microphones, intimate encounters.

PHYSICAL FRACTALS is a sensory experience for the quiet daydreamer in all of us. Two performers weave between an audience enclosed by sights and sounds, toying with anticipation and comfort. Movement becomes more fluid, sound thickens. Enter the space, allow the rhythm of the choreography to lull and shake you. Witness the subtle shifts and illusions of each movement as you are absorbed in the passing of time.

PHYSICAL FRACTALS invites you to be present. Sit and let us move you.

Food For Thought Next Wave Festival 2012

Food for Thought

Food for Thought embraces the notion that a revolution can start at the dinner table. Drawing inspiration from Judy Chicago’s seminal artwork ‘The Dinner Party’, LEVEL Artist Run Initiative will host a series of dinner party events in order to create vibrant discussions concerning the role of women and feminism in the twenty-first century.

Creo Nova Next Wave Festival 2012

Creo Nova

With a BANG, WHIR and a ZHIT…, Creo Nova brings the souls of your ears back to life. In a series of performances, installations and public sermons, Creo Nova will peer into the depths of sonic manipulation and open up a new world of engaging with sound. Be prepared to be shocked, amazed and even a little bemused by mega-phone whirlwinds, singing plants and deep sea gurglers.