The Residents

We scoured the planet for people who have initiated new festivals, spaces and projects that are resonating strongly with their community and exemplify new ideas and new approaches. We invited them to join us in the next wave. The Residents will be present as provocateurs throughout the Festival, speaking at Breakfast Club and partying til dawn. It’s a blind date for us, them, our Festival and our city.

In 2012 The Residents include Andy Field (Forest Fringe, UK), Laura McDermott and Harun Morrison (Fierce Festival, UK), Ben Pryor (American Realness, New York), Alia Swastika (Jogyakarta Biennale, Indonesia), Susan Gibb (Curator, Australia), Ianto Ware (Format Festival/Renew Adelaide, Australia), Ma YongFeng (Initiator of Forget Art, China), Edward Sanderson (Writer and Art Blogger, China) and Inza Lim (Seoul Marginal Theatre Festival, South Korea).




Text Camp Next Wave Festival 2012

Text Camp

Our program for emerging arts writers, Text Camp, has been expanded through a partnership with the Emerging Writers’ Festival. Six emerging arts writers join six mentors from  Real Time, Ampersand, Blackmail, Art Guide, Crikey and The Thousands providing focused mentoring advice and fostering lasting relationships. The writers attend Next Wave events and participate in a dynamic workshop program, expanding their skills and insight on artistic process, and enabling them to produce interesting and pervasive analysis of the Festival.



The Exchange Next Wave Festival 2012

The Exchange Program 1

Cinquanta Urlanti Quaranta Ruggenti Sessanta Stridenti (Dewey Dell)

Cinquanta Urlanti Quaranta Ruggenti Sessanta Stridenti springs from a reflection on the ship and its inhabitants. An obscure jumble becomes the general breath: the sound of a world where the man, the wind, the ship and the sea, inextricably combined together, form the only conceivable protagonist.

V (Justin Shoulder)

Calling to life a demon for today, the creature V is manifest. In a ceremony of the senses, the theatre will become an altar for V to revel in the beauty and horror of contemporary idolatry and its fifteen minutes of fame.

BINGO Unit Next Wave Festival 2012


Team MESS love two things – everyone and television.

For their new major work they combine the two by shooting a pilot for a new television crime drama, and everyone can play a part! The public is invited to participate in playing the role of the detectives in the show and get to the bottom of solving the crime.

BINGO Unit toys with the formulaic limits of narrative, where the story-telling is more important than the story. Filmed at sites across Melbourne during the festival, BINGO Unit will be screened as a back-lot tour at ‘Team MESS Studios’ at Arts House Meat Market.

Breakfast Club Next Wave Festival 2012

Breakfast Club

We’re interested in how the world and art collide. We think it’s most interesting when art is seen in context. In a time of intense political confusion, where it’s difficult to articulate the changes so many want to see, artistic practice – with its complex arsenal of the subconscious – is well placed to be a key player.

Our format is unique. We’re not interested in expert-led formats; we want big opinions, good discussion and personal stories. And coffee. That’s important.

Each event runs for two hours, and will be punctuated by a series of provocations from artists, key thinkers and our international curators-in-residence.

Arrive at any point. Pull up a chair and a croissant. And dive on in.

For more information, click on the links under ‘About the artist’.


Goodbye, CSIRAC

Goodbye, CSIRAC invites you to experience a retro sci-fi audio tour, leading you into the guts of the Melbourne Museum to uncover the true story of CSIRAC, “Australia’s first computer”. But watch out! As lights blink and paper tape whirrs, the forgotten history of female computer operators just might summon the mysterious Ghost of Computers Past…

A love letter to 1960s computing and sci-fi, Goodbye, CSIRAC commemorates the things – and people – we forget when technologies become obsolete.

Hiatus Next Wave Festival 2012


Hiatus is a live performance work propelled by recent and ongoing natural disasters. Assertions that we are now experiencing “the beginnings of a new kind of future in which mega-disasters are going to be more frequent” are both subject and inspiration of artists’ Fiona Bryant and Lucy Farmer’s performance – a guided bus tour to the edge of the earth. This is a bus tour with a difference. Its destination is purposely imprecise. One performer is sensibly riding the bus; the other is fervently running…all the way. Hiatus is a bold and refulgent offering for a broken world and uncertain future.