In Pursuit of Repetition Next Wave Festival 2012

In the pursuit of repetition (fame and squalor)

Kel and Alison camp out under Federation Square as part of an ongoing building process of accumulation. Each day audiences journey down into this lived-in space and witness a series of mesmerising performances that explore the pattern, repetition, similarity and difference created in the work. This work explores the extremes of our society and what we know about them. It is created from the perspective of the artists – the honesty of their experiences in relation to the themes of fame and squalor.

The Greater Asia Co-prosperity Sphere Next Wave Festival 2012

The Greater Asia Co-Prosperity Sphere

The Greater Asia Co-Prosperity Sphere is a collaboration between Perth-based artists Abdul Abdullah, Casey Ayres and Nathan Beard. Capitalising on their Asian-Australian heritages, the artists have created an embassy for a fictional pan-Asian empire, located in Federation Square. This Oriental embassy is the setting for a cultural program of live events, where various Eastern and Western influences are brought together and confused. As ambassadors for this faux-embassy, the artists investigate how multiculturalism operates in contemporary Australian society with humour, and personal reflections on how the work mirrors their own hybrid cultural experiences as Asian-Australians.

Creo Nova Next Wave Festival 2012

Creo Nova

With a BANG, WHIR and a ZHIT…, Creo Nova brings the souls of your ears back to life. In a series of performances, installations and public sermons, Creo Nova will peer into the depths of sonic manipulation and open up a new world of engaging with sound. Be prepared to be shocked, amazed and even a little bemused by mega-phone whirlwinds, singing plants and deep sea gurglers.

Commonwealth Next Wave Festival 2012


Walk the streets of Melbourne and Brisbane and be astonished as you’re surrounded by large-scale images moving around and meeting in city areas. Brisbane-based artist-run initiative inbetweenspaces has collaborated with people from disaster-affected communities in Queensland and Victoria to discuss, arrange and photograph their most personal objects.  Moving simultaneously throughout Melbourne and Brisbane, Commonwealth presents large-scale texts of these discussions and photographs of intricately arranged personal items. This movement across the two cities explores the communal impact of the loss and relocation of objects, people and communities.