Give Us A Look Next Wave Festival 2012

Give Us A Look

A performance work presented by Monte Masi, Give us a Look explores the projects of the 2012 Next Wave Festival as an artwork in its own right. Monte will be everywhere he can during the festival, working to promote and contextualise the work of others, enthusiastically joining the dots and constructing constellations as the festival progresses. As host, highlighter, documenter and supporter all rolled into one, Give us a Look idiosyncratically appropriates curatorial and promotional practices to provide added contextual energy to the practices and projects on show as part of the festival.



Creo Nova Next Wave Festival 2012

Creo Nova

With a BANG, WHIR and a ZHIT…, Creo Nova brings the souls of your ears back to life. In a series of performances, installations and public sermons, Creo Nova will peer into the depths of sonic manipulation and open up a new world of engaging with sound. Be prepared to be shocked, amazed and even a little bemused by mega-phone whirlwinds, singing plants and deep sea gurglers.