Hiatus Next Wave Festival 2012


Hiatus is a live performance work propelled by recent and ongoing natural disasters. Assertions that we are now experiencing “the beginnings of a new kind of future in which mega-disasters are going to be more frequent” are both subject and inspiration of artists’ Fiona Bryant and Lucy Farmer’s performance – a guided bus tour to the edge of the earth. This is a bus tour with a difference. Its destination is purposely imprecise. One performer is sensibly riding the bus; the other is fervently running…all the way. Hiatus is a bold and refulgent offering for a broken world and uncertain future.

In Pursuit of Repetition Next Wave Festival 2012

In the pursuit of repetition (fame and squalor)

Kel and Alison camp out under Federation Square as part of an ongoing building process of accumulation. Each day audiences journey down into this lived-in space and witness a series of mesmerising performances that explore the pattern, repetition, similarity and difference created in the work. This work explores the extremes of our society and what we know about them. It is created from the perspective of the artists – the honesty of their experiences in relation to the themes of fame and squalor.

Monster Body Next Wave Festival 2012


A deliberately graphic and honest solo dance performance, Monster Body is the latest creation by emerging choreographer and performer Atlanta Eke.

Exploring a political imagination, life and death, dreams and consumerism, Monster Body is a saturation of the senses. It ultimately exposes the ‘monster’ that lies in the space between the dancer and the audience. As when an eagle and a lion fuse to create a mythic creature, this performance explores the situation of being in the theatre together, the relationship to each other and the space around us.

Physical Fractals Next Wave Festival 2012


Hypnotic movement, whirring microphones, intimate encounters.

PHYSICAL FRACTALS is a sensory experience for the quiet daydreamer in all of us. Two performers weave between an audience enclosed by sights and sounds, toying with anticipation and comfort. Movement becomes more fluid, sound thickens. Enter the space, allow the rhythm of the choreography to lull and shake you. Witness the subtle shifts and illusions of each movement as you are absorbed in the passing of time.

PHYSICAL FRACTALS invites you to be present. Sit and let us move you.

Supertone Next Wave Festival 2012


SUPERTONE is a performance of re-sensitisation, choreographed by Rennie McDougall. Working from a visually rich cornucopia of celluloid images, from The Wizard of Oz to David LaChapelle, five dancers reclaim the performance space by manifesting these technicolor imagined environments in the physical space, while all other visual stimulants are stripped away. The audience, usually on the periphery of experience, is left only with the performers to share in an energetic exchange – to reawaken a more visceral presence and to question their roles as observers.

Fifteen Next Wave Festival 2012


Woven through Melbourne’s peak hour pedestrian traffic, fifteen is a site-responsive work that critically dissects body language and proxemic theories to investigate human behaviour in the city. With the inevitable intrusion of strangers into our intimate zone, humans react by limiting body movement, avoiding eye contact, stripping emotion from the face and avoiding direct contact with strangers. Created, produced and performed in public space, fifteen invites audiences to immerse themselves in a live mixed-audio soundtrack, watching the performance emerge and disappear in the environment around them.

How much are we willing to engage with the unfamiliar. What are you doing? We are working.

Wintering Next Wave Festival 2012


Wintering, the latest dance work by choreographer Aimee Smith, asks the question what is it to live in a changing and disintegrating world? How do we sit with the tension between beauty and destruction, hope and fear?

Inspired by the fragility and strength of an iced landscape Wintering uses imagery and sounds collected by the artist from the Arctic environment together with the moving, dancing body to explore this complex relationship between humans and the natural world.