WHEYFACE Next Wave Festival 2012


Be a special guest in this strange show-and-tell.

Daniel Santangeli, director of Melbourne Fringe Festival’s buzz show ROOM 328, returns to Arts House with WHEYFACE: an immersive and tactile museum puzzled together from the ruins of a post-apocalyptic world.

In the darkness of an electricity-scarce basement, four survivors have pieced together a hot-pot history of human kind. This is a befuddled and ominous depiction of humanity’s future, realised by accomplished set designer Jonathon Oxlade and featuring indie musician Yeo Choong.

This was our world before the end.

Blindscape Next Wave Festival 2012


Immersive virtual worlds and circus performers

Our personal technologies have become an extension of ourselves. Blindscape looks to exploit that connection to engage its audience in a visceral environment that disintegrates the real and virtual boundaries.

Using a provided iPhone, pre-loaded with the specially designed Blindscape App, you enter the virtual world as you enter the performance space. The Blindscape App is a 3D audio-virtual reality. Coloured in by an unseen hand, perception and reality fold over as you explore corridors, doorways and landscapes. The light from your phone helps you to view fragments of circus which are spectacular but elusive, in this unique performance experience.

Wintering Next Wave Festival 2012


Wintering, the latest dance work by choreographer Aimee Smith, asks the question what is it to live in a changing and disintegrating world? How do we sit with the tension between beauty and destruction, hope and fear?

Inspired by the fragility and strength of an iced landscape Wintering uses imagery and sounds collected by the artist from the Arctic environment together with the moving, dancing body to explore this complex relationship between humans and the natural world.