The Residents

We scoured the planet for people who have initiated new festivals, spaces and projects that are resonating strongly with their community and exemplify new ideas and new approaches. We invited them to join us in the next wave. The Residents will be present as provocateurs throughout the Festival, speaking at Breakfast Club and partying til dawn. It’s a blind date for us, them, our Festival and our city.

In 2012 The Residents include Andy Field (Forest Fringe, UK), Laura McDermott and Harun Morrison (Fierce Festival, UK), Ben Pryor (American Realness, New York), Alia Swastika (Jogyakarta Biennale, Indonesia), Susan Gibb (Curator, Australia), Ianto Ware (Format Festival/Renew Adelaide, Australia), Ma YongFeng (Initiator of Forget Art, China), Edward Sanderson (Writer and Art Blogger, China) and Inza Lim (Seoul Marginal Theatre Festival, South Korea).