WAKE UP: The School of Global Art: Down Under!

The School of Global Art extends its global outreach to sign up new class of international students, setting up our first Global Outreach campus in Melbourne, Australia.

Expanding this year’s topics to include close reading of teenage Tumblr Asks, discussion of the discussion of the ‘Arab Spring’ and history of painting up to CS5. This term also includes practical modules in Meditation for Artistic Inspiration and Art by Telephone/Google+ Hangouts. SGA:DU brings together artists, writers and academics from London, Berlin, LA, Tehran and Hong Kong with local Melbournite experts for a nine-day intensive programme.

How does the world look upside down? Join us to find out!

About the Artist

LuckyPDF is Ollie Hogan, John Hill, James Early and Yuri Pattison. The artist group has been active in Peckham, south-east London, since late 2008 working collaboratively with an ever-changing network of emerging artists, they produce online television programmes, Internet interventions and live events.

Sat May 19
7.30pm – Helga Wretman (SV), Body and Mind Visualization for Artists

Mon May 21
9pm – Omar Kholeif (UK), Art and Subversion: The Contemporary Politics of Art in the so-called Arab World

Tue May 22
1.30pm – Kate Durbin (LA), WOMEN AS OBJECTS
6pm – Ry David Bradley (AU/HK), Painted etc: a history of painting backwards from Adobe Photoshop CS6

Wed May 23
7.30pm – LuckyPDF, Cécile B Evans (DE), Art by Telephone with the students of THINK Global School and featuring Lindsay Lawson, Timur Si-Qin & LuckyPDF. Art by Telephone conceived by Cécile B. Evans and Rebecca Lamarche-Vadel.

Thu May 24
8pm – Justin Clemens (AU), Image Control in Global Networks

Sat May 26 
7.30pm – Helga Wretman (SV), Fitness For Artists

Location: Westspace, Level 1/225 Bourke Street, Melbourne (tram routes 86, 95, 96, stop 7)

Times: 12pm-late. For late, late activity we’ll be at The Carlton Club - join us!

Ticket Prices: Free

This event is also part of Day Pass 1-9

Wheelchair accessible: Yes

Warnings: WAKE UP Party not suitable for patrons under the age of 18 years of age






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