Wake up and wait for the sun to rise…

500 methods for a new beginning

We’ve brought together 100 of Australia’s brightest young thinkers from all across the country to generate a brilliant mass of 500 methods, each imagining possibilities for a new beginning.

Now the methods are in the hands of 5 young and emerging artist collectives who will develop work that encourages us to imagine new possibilities for being together in the lead up to the Festival. The fruits of their labour will reside at our home base, Westspace. It’s an artist-led experiment so the outcomes are unknown but it’s fair to imagine parties, performances, dinners,  games, television broadcasts and much more!

About the Artist

Tully and Charles are emerging artists working in a cross-disciplinary practice. Interested in the tension between sculpture and installation, they share the conceptual development of their work with one another but maintain singular approaches to outcome and form. Together, theirs is a practice fuelled by creative communication and problem-solving.
Claire and Hossein use sculpture, sound, installation and performance to generate environments that investigate idiosyncrasies from the wake of their traditional religious upbringings and muddled ideas of ‘holiness'. Taking cues from sensory theatrics in churches, utopian ideas of syncretism and pop musical references to ritual, they provide catered spaces for confused worship.
The Tape Projects (TAPR) artists in Wake Up are Michael Prior, Zoe Scoglio, Caroline Anderson and Matthew O’Shannessy. TAPR members have a curiosity for exploration, collaboration and learning with experimental practices both inside and outside the gallery. TAPR also provides a collaborative support structure for those who share their ethic. Recent explorations include blindfolded bus trips, oracle consulting, toasty eating ceremonies, porthole construction, ritualistic aerobics, group-dreaming, and pseudo-scientific game playing.
LuckyPDF is Ollie Hogan, John Hill, James Early and Yuri Pattison. The artist group has been active in Peckham, south-east London, since late 2008 working collaboratively with an ever-changing network of emerging artists, they produce online television programmes, Internet interventions and live events.
Applespiel is Simon Binns, Nathan Harrison, Nikki Kennedy, Emma McManus, Joseph Parro, Troy Reid, Rachel Roberts and Mark Rogers. The group of young performers evolved out of a shared interest in contemporary performance and a collaborative creative process. They each engage with projects passionately from different perspectives, based on our backgrounds and interests.

Dates: 19-27 May (Wednesday 23 May 7pm-12am WAKE UP Party)

Location: Westspace, Level 1/225 Bourke Street, Melbourne (tram routes 86, 95, 96, stop 7)

Times: 12pm-late. For late, late activity we’ll be at The Carlton Club - join us!

Ticket Prices: Free

This event is also part of Day Pass 1-9

Wheelchair accessible: Yes

Warnings: WAKE UP Party not suitable for patrons under the age of 18 years of age





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