Living with Living

Living with Living is an exhibition of works made from the perspective of a dairy farmer that, at an earlier unidentified point in his life, got “social” culture confused with “yoghurt” cultures (the bacteria that ferments lactose, creating lactic acid that transforms milk protein to give yoghurt its texture and tang), subsequently becoming a dairy farmer geared towards the production of Greek Yoghurt, rather than his original plan: to become a disciple of Greek Philosophy and poetry of the Roman Empire.

The exhibition is the final installment in a trilogy of case studies that examine individuals seeking clandestine autonomy.

About the Artist

George Egerton-Warburton’s practice is the result of an extended investigation into the philosophical notion of the good life and autonomy. Issues and proposals stemming from case studies are presented in various formats that fit loosely under the phrase "sculpture informed by the vocabularies of self-actualisation." Egerton-Warburton was born in Kojonup in WA and is currently based in Melbourne.

Dates: 23 May-9 June (opening Tuesday, 22 May 6pm)

Location: Sutton Gallery Project Space, 230 Young Street, Fitzroy (tram routes 11 & 112, stop 16)

Times: 23-26 May 11am-5pm , 27 May – 9 June (Tuesday-Saturday) 1-5pm

Ticket prices: Free

This event is also part of Day Pass 5

Wheelchair accessible: Yes



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