Creo Nova

With a BANG, WHIR and a ZHIT…, Creo Nova brings the souls of your ears back to life. In a series of performances, installations and public sermons, Creo Nova will peer into the depths of sonic manipulation and open up a new world of engaging with sound. Be prepared to be shocked, amazed and even a little bemused by mega-phone whirlwinds, singing plants and deep sea gurglers.

About the Artist

Alex Cuffe is a Queensland artist working across multiple disciplines. He explores phenomenon around sound, light, image and construction, often blending these concepts with obtuse humour. He is also a instrument builder, videographer and experimental beer brewer. He has held multiple solo and group shows, and has received several awards including the Jeremy Hynes Award from the Institute of Modern Art. He will be undertaking a Asialink residency at Cemeti Art House in Indonesia later this year.
Benjamin Kolaitis is a Melbourne-based sound and sculptural artist. A key feature of his work is play. He currently works with utilising new types of gestural control, such as fruit, plants and graphite drawings for his audiences to control sonic and kinetic installations. Ben has performed and created sculptures for Liquid Architecture, What is Music?!, Melbourne Fringe Festival and the Handmade Music Festival.

Creo Nova Next Wave Opening House Party performance with Mathew Watson - Rotational Sonata Cacophony II

Dates: 18 May

Location: Footscray Community Arts Centre, 45 Moreland Street,  Footscray

Times: 10pm

Duration: 30 minutes

Ticket prices: Free

Wheelchair accessible: Yes


Creo Nova installation at Dear Patti Smith - “Genesis of Biosynthia”

Dates: 19-27 May (opening Saturday 19 May 5pm)

Location: Dear Patti Smith, Level 2, Paterson Building, 181 Smith St, Fitzroy (tram route 86, stop 17)

Times: 12-2pm and 6-8pm weekdays, 12-7pm weekends

Ticket prices: Free

This event is also part of Day Pass 4

Wheelchair accessible: No


Creo Nova installation at Fracture Gallery - “Pataphysical Hippocrates”

Dates: 19-27 May

Location: Fracture Gallery, Federation Square, Flinders Street, Melbourne
(tram routes 1, 3, 5, 6, 8, 16, 64, 67, 72, stop 13)

Times: 24 hrs a day

Ticket prices: Free

This event is also part of Day Pass 1 and Day Pass 6

Wheelchair accessible: Yes


Creo Nova performances – Classic Steamboat Cruise - “OUR MAGIC HOUR”

Dates: 23 May, 27 May

Location 1: 23 May – Henderson House Jetty at Footscray Community Arts Centre, 45 Moreland Street,  Footscray to Berth 4, Southgate

Time: 12pm

Location 2: 27 May – Berth 4, Southgate to Berth 4, Southgate

Time: 4pm

Duration: 1 hr

Ticket prices: $25 Full, $20 Conc

Bookings: Venue Tix 1300 30 40 72 or online (credit card only)

This event is also part of Day Pass 5

Wheelchair accessible: No

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