Team MESS love two things – everyone and television.

For their new major work they combine the two by shooting a pilot for a new television crime drama, and everyone can play a part! The public is invited to participate in playing the role of the detectives in the show and get to the bottom of solving the crime.

BINGO Unit toys with the formulaic limits of narrative, where the story-telling is more important than the story. Filmed at sites across Melbourne during the festival, BINGO Unit will be screened as a back-lot tour at ‘Team MESS Studios’ at Arts House Meat Market.

About the Artist

Team MESS is the collaborative output of a group of five young artists including Dara Gill, Frank Mainoo, Natalie Randall and Malcolm Whittaker who work across the performing and visual arts. As a collective we use the conventions, rituals and spectacles of popular culture and everyday life to stage theatre events that close the critical distance between the work and the viewer, and open up a shared space of experience, exchange and possibility. We then use this space to explore contemporary modes of narrative production and audience agency. Our work together includes: This Is It; I Think I Can Dance; Killing Don: Evolution of a Memory; You and Me and a Very Large Bottle.

Filming of ‘Pilot episode’

Dates: 8, 10, 12, 14 and 19 May

Location: Public sites around Melbourne

Times: 11am-4pm (20 minute shoots)

Duration: 5 hrs

Ticket prices: Free

Bookings essential via Venue Tix 1300 30 40 72 or online

Wheelchair accessible: No


Team MESS Studio ‘back-lot tour’

Dates: 24-27 May

Location: Arts House, Meat Market, 5 Blackwood Street, North Melbourne (tram route 55 or 59, stop 14)

Times: 24-25 May 7pm, 26-27 May 3.30pm

Duration: 3 hrs (audiences free to arrive and depart as they wish during this time)

Ticket prices: $20 Full, $18 Conc

Bookings: Venue Tix 1300 30 40 72 or online (credit card only)

This event is also part of Day Pass 8

Wheelchair accessible: Yes

Warning: Adult themes



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