Pegboard 7 July


The 7 July 2012 edition of our Pegboard is now online. Boy, it’s chilly but there are some hot hot shows on this month, including The Greater Asia Co-Prosperity Sphere on the road, Tiffany Singh in the Biennale of Sydney and Zoe Scoglio at Meat Market. We profile them all and give you the scoop on the latest news and opportunities.  Read on!


The Sphere visits Sydney


The Greater Asia Co-Prosperity Sphere (GACPS) is on a diplomatic mission to Artereal Gallery, Sydney this month, presenting artefacts from the NWF 2012 exhibition. Conceived as an embassy for a fictional pan-Asian empire, GACPS explores the duality of the artists’ cultural legacy as Australians of both Western and Asian heritage. Works from the exhibition display the complexities and challenges of identity, forming a bizarre and humorous take on the clash between traditional cultures and contemporary globalised culture.


Image: Sam Ackroyd

fifteen weaves into Brisbane Festival


Liesel Zink’s fifteen, developed as part of Kickstart and presented at NWF 2012, will be weaving through a new audience in Brisbane this September. Featuring as part of Under the Radar at Brisbane Festival, fifteen brings fluid choreography to an unusual stage – the space between commuters in rush hour pedestrian traffic. Immersed in a live mixed-audio soundtrack, the audience will see a performance emerge and fade among the crowd inching their way home through Brisbane’s Queen Street mall from 7-15 September.


Image: Tom Teutenberg

Knock on the sky @ Biennale of Sydney


NWF 2012 Artist Tiffany Singh storms Sydney with her new work Knock on the sky listen to the sound on now as part of the 18th Biennale of Sydney. Drawing on ceremonial materials and ritual practices, the work builds on Singh’s philosophies and practice, making the sky above Pier 2/3 a musical, sacred space. Audiences are invited to revisit the work in August and take the chimes on a personal pilgrimage home and finally to a dedicated space on Cockatoo Island.

27 June – 16 September
Pier 2/3
13 Hickson Road, Walsh Bay


Image: Zoe Scoglio

Shifting Ground @ Meat Market


Arts House Meat Market gets geological later this month with Shifting Ground, an installation/performance work by NW Alumnus Zoe Scoglio. The boundaries between human and rock fall away in this new work as physical transformations mirror our own transformations, exploring the idea that all forms are temporal and metamorphic. Sights and sounds map a journey from the cosmic to the concrete, reminding us all of the ephemeral nature of our reign at the top.

19-22 July
Arts House Meat Market
5 Blackwood Street, North Melbourne



Next Wave artists in SafARI 2012


SafARI, the unofficial fringe event to the Biennale of Sydney, is on again this year, redirecting some of the intense attention on Sydney to the work of exciting emerging artists. Crossing disciplines of sound, performance, installation, sculpture, painting, photography and new media, the 16 emerging and unrepresented Australian artists, including Next Wave Festival 2012 artists Dara Gill, Jodie Whalen and Elizabeth Willing, take over Alaska Projects, pop-up spaces around the city and even a bus.